Sights of Spring: Glorious Gardens

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Sights of Spring: Glorious Gardens

Spring is here, and gardens are in full bloom all around the internet world. Seeing the renewal of life in the earth never ceases to be wondrous, as captured in these remarkable photos. At @bigshadowfarms, an organic farm based in Minnesota, the gardeners are equally good photographers as they are gardeners.

From all over Instagram, gardeners are planting delicious crops, from peas to radishes, to strawberries to tomatoes. Even Barbie has taken to the soil in @hipsterchickbarbie.

For those who don’t have their own garden or are looking for inspiration for one, enjoy these stunning photos.

1. @ wolf_urbangardening 2. @kaylee_marie_ 3. @hipsterchickbarbie 4. @savannahvictorygardens 5. @abucketfullofrainbows 6. @bigshadowfarms 7. @bergmann_csa 8. @laurenhudgins

Madina Papadopoulos is a New York-based freelance writer, author, and regular contributor to Paste. You can follow her food adventures on Instagram and Twitter.