Your Favorite Cocktails, Veganized

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Your Favorite Cocktails, Veganized

After-dinner drinks are an art form. After all, a quality digestif is the perfect conclusion to an exceptional eating experience. Of course, there’s no need to abide by rigid timeframes when it comes to a sweet, stiff cocktail. Just ask the Dude; he showed us that White Russians can be imbibed anytime.

And while most of these drinks include cream (or other animal ingredients), this is 2017 — and nowadays, everything can be veganized. Since vegans like a delicious drink as much as the next human, we thought we’d pull together an array of veganized recipes for traditionally creamy cocktails.

So make like the Dude and drink your White Russian cruelty-free … he wouldn’t hurt a fly, after all.

1. White Russian

This super simple recipe for Jeff Lebowski’s favorite all-occasions cocktail features cashew milk, vodka and a couple of other key ingredients. Dreamed up by Boho Bunnie, it might be even better than the traditional kind (just avoid any bartenders who call themselves Jackie Treehorn).

2. Brandy Alexander

this is a white russian right.jpg Photo courtesy of Fettle Vegan
This classic frozen cocktail is the perfect summer dessert. Or breakfast, if you’re feeling saucy on your summer vacation. This scrumptious version by Fettle Vegan features brandy, chocolate liqueur, ice and non-dairy milk.

3. Milk Punch

Mardi Gras may have passed, but you can get into the “laissez les bons temps rouler!” mood anytime. Milk punch is a tradition in NOLA, but it’s just as enjoyable regardless of locale. This vegan version by In Johnna’s Kitchen is made with bourbon, coconut milk, a few other additions — and, of course, nutmeg.

4. Irish Coffee

Again, St. Patrick’s Day has passed, but the spirit lives on. As long as there’s a chill in the evening air, Irish Coffee is a welcome, warming toddy. This vegan recipe by Kitchen Treaty uses coconut whipped cream (yum), whiskey and coffee to create the classic drink.

5. Coquito

While a delicious, creamy coquito — a Puerto Rican tradition — normally includes raw egg yolks and sweetened condensed milk, this vegan version by Neurotic Mommy uses coconut milk, an array of spices and a chia “egg” to recreate the taste and texture. The magical concoction is everything you love about the original, but 100 percent egg and dairy-free.

6. How Brewed

how brewed baileys.jpg Photo courtesy of Baileys
In other good news for your cruelty-free cocktailing adventures, Bailey’s has released a dairy-free, almond milk liqueur: Almande This recipe, created by mixologist Leann Berry, uses Almande, plus tequila and coffee to make a sweet, stimulating after-dinner drink.

1 1/4 oz Baileys Almande
1/2 oz Tequila Don Julio Blanco
1/2 oz Vanilla Liqueur
1/2 oz Espresso
Cinnamon and Sugar for Garnish

Combine Baileys Almande, Tequila Don Julio Blanco, vanilla liqueur, and espresso into a shaker with ice.
Shake well.
Strain contents into a chilled martini glass rimmed with cinnamon and sugar.

Ideal Serving Glass:
Chilled Martini Glass

Hannah Sentenac is a freelance writer and journalist who covers veg food, drink, pop culture, travel, and animal advocacy issues. She’s written for Live Happy magazine,,, and numerous other publications and websites. Hannah is also the Editor-in-Chief of, a publication dedicated to positive, original news from the vegan and plant-based world.