Yes, Weed Nutella Is A Very Real Thing

Food News
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With weed legalization happening in various states, the use of cannabis in foods is becoming a more (publicly) common thing.

From gummy bears to vodka, people are putting their weed in just about anything that they can consume, but particularly foods that satisfy their sweet tooth. This now goes for Nutella—or Chrontella as its officially known.

At $23 a bottle, Cannavis makes it possible for you to be the proud consumer of Nutella containing 300 mg of THC extract. The jars are also small so you won’t get too carried away.

According to Vice, in addition to its weed-infused Nutella, the same company also makes weed-infused peanut butter and jelly, because why not.

As of right now you can only purchase it in Canada, but with how nice everyone is up north, we’re sure they’d be more than happy to discreetly mail you some.