2K and Gearbox Software Announce Battleborn's Episodic Open Beta

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With television in its golden age at the moment and video games providing players with Tolkien-level intricate worlds, it only makes sense that someone would combine the best parts of both mediums. That’s where 2K and Gearbox Software step in: their upcoming game Battleborn will have a story mode structured like a season of TV, featuring eight episodes with separate storylines that all fit into one grand arc.

The “series premiere” will be May 3, however a beta will be available even sooner: April 8 for PS4 and April 13 for PC and Xbox One. The Open Beta will include access to two story episodes—Void’s Edge and The Algorithm—two of the game’s three competitive multiplayer modes, Incursion and Meltdown, all 25 playable heroes, loot, gear and the game’s full progression systems.

You can find out everything you need to know about Battleborn’s Open Beta in this aptly named post on the official Battleborn blog.