The Latest Anthem Trailer Introduces its Main Villain

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The Latest <i>Anthem</i> Trailer Introduces its Main Villain

In addition to a short teaser for the next Dragon Age game, BioWare has released a story-focused trailer for Anthem.

Anthem is a drastic departure from what BioWare is most known for, which is powerful single-player storytelling. As a result, BioWare fans have had concerns about Anthem’s story, especially since the company has focused its efforts on showing Anthem’s gameplay … until now.

The trailer explores a few key plot points of the game’s story and shows the main antagonist for the first time.

Electronic Arts has provided the following synopsis of the game’s story:

We live in an unfinished world. The gods harnessed the Anthem, a source of pure creation, to shape our world. But before they completed their work, the Shaper gods vanished. They left behind a land strewn with the instruments of their creation. Drawing on the power of the Anthem, these abandoned relics continued to reshape the landscape with catastrophic disasters, violent storms, and mutated beasts.

To survive in this world, we created the javelins, suits of armor that gave us superhuman abilities. Under the protection of Freelancers who piloted the javelins, the people of this world raised cities and built a new civilization. These settlements are a symbol of everything the first lancers fought for: life, freedom, and safety.

Today, our struggle against the Anthem’s world-changing power continues. And now, a new threat is growing: the Dominion, a ferocious militaristic society in the mountainous North. The Monitor, a ruthless Dominion commander, claims to have discovered a way to control the power of the Anthem. If he succeeds, no one will be able to stand in his way.

A small band of Freelancers is all that can stop him. A battle for the future of our world is about to begin: a battle to stop the Dominion from harnessing the Anthem’s power.

Get ready for a fight.

Watch the trailer below. Anthem will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Feb. 22, 2019.