Apex Legends Reveals Its Newest Character and Deepens Its Connection to Titanfall

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<i>Apex Legends</i> Reveals Its Newest Character and Deepens Its Connection to Titanfall

Apex Legends has always stood apart from its battle royale contemporaries for many reasons, but the least appreciated is likely the lore and connections to the already existing Titanfall series. Well, that connection just got a lot stronger with today’s new animated short about the upcoming season’s new character, Valkyrie.

In Respawn Entertainment’s latest addition to their “Stories from the Outlands” series of shorts, Valkyrie takes center stage. The daughter of a Pilot, who are canonically soldiers allowed to pilot the Titan mechs in Titanfall, Valkyrie spends the short hunting down the man she blames for her father’s death, who turns out to be none other than Kuben Blisk, the antagonist of Titanfall 2.

Blisk, not at all coincidentally, is the character who first makes mention of the Apex Games at the end of Titanfall 2, slipping your player character an invitation to the games with the familiar logo of the Apex Predators, the best players, before escaping at the very end. Valkyrie finds one of these very invitations in one of her father’s drawers in a flashback before Blisk takes it away, meaning her father either participated in the games or was part of the effort like Blisk was.

While we don’t exactly know what Valkyrie’s kit will consist of, we’re bound to find out pretty soon, with the short ending on “Coming May 4,” presumably the beginning of the next season. These animated teasers (which are always so so good) typically come in the weeks ahead of a new season and character dropping into the game. And with Apex Legends finally making more tangible connections to Titanfall beyond vaguely taking place in the same universe, it seems like an exciting time to be a fan of both.