Video Chat/Messaging App Airtime Gets Twitch Integration, Offers a Troll-Free Space for Women to Watch Streamers

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Airtime is a mobile app that allows up to six people to video chat or up to 250 people to message together in “Rooms.” In a new update today, Airtime now supports Twitch integration, which allows groups on Airtime to watch streamers live together. This integration aims to create a “safe, private space for female gamers to watch each other play, chat in real-time in a closed group, and more—sans anonymous internet trolls you often see on public gaming platforms,” an Airtime representative said.

When using Airtime, people can form “Rooms” with their friends. Anyone in a Room can then find a Twitch broadcast and everyone can watch it in sync. While watching, just like in Twitch’s native app, the stream takes up part of the screen and chat occupies the other part, except here chat is restricted to anyone else in your Airtime Room. Up to six people in a room can even simultaneously video chat while watching a Twitch stream, while anyone not video chatting can continue to message.

Jennifer Allen reviewed Airtime for Paste and loved it, giving the app a 9 out of 10. Airtime already sports integration for other services such as YouTube and Spotify. Even for people not concerned with Twitch’s propensity for harassment in chat, Airtime’s Twitch integration seems useful as a way to chat with people while watching streams. The chat for any stream with more than a couple hundred viewers is basically unusable for actual conversations. Airtime aims to provide a nice alternative. You can download it for iOS and Android now, with Twitch integration ready to go.