Ubisoft Details First Assassin's Creed Origins Expansion, The Hidden Ones

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Ubisoft Details First <i>Assassin's Creed Origins</i> Expansion, <i>The Hidden Ones</i>

The massive landscape of Assassin’s Creed Origins will get a bit bigger this month, as Ubisoft is set to launch the game’s first expansion, The Hidden Ones. The first of two planned expansions for the title, The Hidden Ones will add plenty of content to a game that was already overflowing.

The addition will continue Bayek’s story in a new, Roman-controlled region with a new storyline that Ubisoft characterizes as “vast.” Also, the game’s level cap will be raised to 45.

Alongside the paid DLC, a few free items will be released, most notably a new quest meant to set up the expansion. A For Honor Warden’s outfit and the return of both the Anubis (Jan. 9) and Sobek (Jan. 23) Trials of the Gods round out Ubisoft’s free offerings.

Ubisoft is yet to announce an official release date, but its expected that players will be able to re-enter the vibrant, lived-in environments of ancient Egypt by the end of January. Trophies for the expansion have already began to surface, so don’t be surprised if Bayek will need to sharpen his wristblades sooner rather than later.