Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter Campaign Announced

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<i>Banner Saga 3</i> Kickstarter Campaign Announced

Developer Stoic has announced the start of another Kickstarter campaign, this time for Banner Saga 3.

The indie project’s fundraising goal is set for $200,000. The Kickstarter campaign for the first game managed to raise more than $700,000 with a modest $100,000 goal back in 2012. Those funds were great enough to help along the development of the sequel, which was released just last year.

The game’s description on the Kickstarter page reads:

Steel your nerves, step forth into the approaching abyss. Cross the threshold from daylight without end into untold darkness. Warped lands within threaten your sanity, and a writhing wyrm tests your mettle. But here, in the darkness, is where secrets are brought to light and motives are made clear. Are your friends who they claim to be? They all look to you. What story will your banner tell?

For now, the “estimated delivery” window on the game’s page is December 2018. For a better look into the fundraising campaign and the title’s development, check out its Kickstarter trailer below.