Bloodborne Will Reach Its Final Phase with Bloodborne Kart

The fan-made game comes from the creator of Bloodborne PSX

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<i>Bloodborne</i> Will Reach Its Final Phase with <i>Bloodborne Kart</i>

Gather ‘round Hunters and mount your steampunk motorbikes: it’s time to Kart. From the developer of the free demake Bloodborne PSX comes Bloodborne Kart.

Creator Lilith Walther has promised that the game will release “whenever it’s ready,” but has also promised to live tweet the arduous process.

Once again, Walther is not alone. Composer Evenlyn Lark, who previously composed for Bloodborne PSX returns with a banger of a title theme.

Although nothing is really known about the project besides the title screen, one can hope it will be a ridiculous mashup of the macabre Bloodborne world and the arcade mechanics that define the kart genre. Maybe we will see Father Gascoigne burning some rubber or the Blood Starved Beast drifting like there’s no tomorrow. In Yharnam, anything is possible.