First Breath of the Wild DLC Pack Lets You Dress as Tingle, Permanently Power Up Your Master Sword

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First <i>Breath of the Wild</i> DLC Pack Lets You Dress as Tingle, Permanently Power Up Your Master Sword

Kooloo-Limpah, motherfuckers. The Master Trials, the first of two DLC packs in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s expansion pass, has been detailed, and it looks like everyone’s current favorite game will be getting both hefty amounts of fan service and some meaningful gameplay additions this summer.

Before we get into the new content, know that Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Doug Bowser (hah, nice) noted in today’s press release that the DLC isn’t only for veteran players of the game:

Whether you have already completed the adventure or are just getting ready to paraglide into Hyrule for the first time, this new downloadable Expansion Pass makes this massive game even bigger and more engrossing. We are always looking for new ways to provide fun and exciting experiences for our fans.

First, added to the game will be the “Trial of the Sword,” a series of 45 challenge rooms that, once beaten, will awaken Link’s Master Sword to always be in its glowing, extra-powered state. Players can also experience the new Hard Mode, which increases the rank of all enemies, allows them to regenerate their own health during fights, and makes enemies more difficult to sneak up on. This mode also adds treasure and enemy-bearing floating planks around Hyrule for players to discover.

The new “Hero’s Path” setting will allow one to track their exact path around Hyrule (for their last 200 hours of play, at least), even if they’ve already played extensively before downloading said new content. The Travel Medallion (located in a chest “somewhere in the game”) will also let Link set one temporary fast-travel point on the map. Perhaps most helpfully, the Korok Mask will help players to discover said hidden, leafy creatures around Hyrule, indicating their presence by vibrating when Link nears them.

Finally, The Master Trials will let players wear Majora’s Mask, Midna’s mask, Phantom’s gear and of course, Tingle’s full outfit, clock and all. That’s right, take a look at those threads in all of their pointy, green glory:


As if all of that weren’t enough, Nintendo has tweaked the language options so that players can mix and match audio and subtitles from the nine available languages. For example, one can now enjoy the game’s Japanese, French or Spanish audio paired with English subtitles.

You can check out the Nintendo’s full announcement here, and be sure to stay tuned to Paste for plenty more on Breath of the Wild. Most recently, we showed you how to find the game’s awe-inspiring dragons, as well as how to catch the Satoru Iwata-honoring Lord of the Mountain.