Bugsnax and Its Supersized Isle of Bigsnax DLC Coming to Game Pass and Switch

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<i>Bugsnax</i> and Its Supersized <i>Isle of Bigsnax</i> DLC Coming to Game Pass and Switch

Get ready to cavort with culinary critters when Bugsnax—Young Horses’ quirky snack catching game with the ridiculously contagious theme song—lands on Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch on April 28.

Also on April 28, the upcoming DLC The Isle of Bigsnax will release for free; there will also be updated missions, new hats, new bugsnax, and new achievements for both new and returning explorers to enjoy. The DLC will add three to four hours of additional content, replete with voice actors like Yuri Lowenthal, Casey Mongillo, and Debra Wilson returning to voice their grumpuses.

To celebrate the ports and DLC, iam8bit will release a special vinyl double record collection of composer Seth Parker’s soundtrack. The record has no release date yet but will feature 25 tracks from the game.

Released in 2020 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC, Bugsnax brings players to Snaktooth Island, a whimsical world where bugs are also snacks, and dark mystery lurks just under the surface. You must catch bugsnax and try to get to the bottom of just exactly where they come from. For a limited time after release, the game will run at $25 with a 20% discount.