Civilization VI Is Now Available on iPhone

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<i>Civilization VI</i> Is Now Available on iPhone

Civilization VI is available on iPhones today, Oct. 4, Aspyr Media has revealed.

This announcement comes in a string of ports for a franchise that’s been stuck on PC for years. Nintendo will be launching a port for Switch on Oct. 16, while iPad owners have been enjoying the game since late last year. Luckily, anyone who’s purchased the game on an Apple device will be able to download the iPhone version for free.

Civilization is a long-running and popular title that lets players race against AI or friends to create the best empire, with victories including religion, science, military and more. It’s a turn-based strategy game that runs all the way from the stone age to the information age.

To celebrate the launch, Aspyr Media has made Civilization VI free to play for the first 60 turns, and will also be offering it at 60 percent off until Oct. 16. That discount brings the price tag down from $60 to a much more palatable $23.99.