Watch The Debut Trailer for Dauntless, A New Action-RPG From Ex-Blizzard, BioWare and Riot Games Designers

Games Video Dauntless
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Dauntless, a new co-op action-RPG, was revealed tonight by the new studio Phoenix Labs. Led by Jesse Houston, a producer on League of Legends and Mass Effect 3, the game is being developed by a group of developers who have previously worked at BioWare, Riot Games, Capcom, and Blizzard.

Set in a science-fantasy world of floating islands called the Shattered Isles, humanity ekes out its survival in spite of malevolent, magical creatures called behemoths. From the home base of Ramsgate, a city on the edge of the frontier, players, either by themselves or in co-op parties of up to four people, go out to hunt behemoths, collect the precious resource they accrue called aether, and upgrade their armor and weapons with it.

Dauntless is an action game but it’s not mindless hacking-and-slashing. Phoenix Labs says that players will have to plan their attacks on behemoths, targeting specific areas of the monsters in order to get the upper hand. Once defeated, trophies can be taken from the monsters to customize weapons and armor.

Houston, who is also the co-founder and President at Phoenix Labs, said in a statement:

Phoenix Labs is made up of the most talented and passionate game developers in the world. We make games because we love to play them, and we want to share these experiences with gamers everywhere. We’ve taken inspiration from games like Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, and World of Warcraft to create a new, gripping gaming experience.”

Dauntless will be free-to-play when it launches on PC in 2017. You can sign up for the beta and read more about the world of Dauntless here. The trailer is embedded above.