Ranking Disney Infinity's Star Wars Characters

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Ranking <i>Disney Infinity</i>'s Star Wars Characters

Our on-going attempt to rank every character released for Disney Infinity continues with the first batch of Star Wars characters, which were released along with Disney Infinity 3.0 at the end of August. The 13 characters in wide release right now offer a great cross-section of Star Wars eras, with almost equal representation across the original films and the Clone Wars and Rebels cartoons. (And if you snagged one of the special PlayStation bundles, you have access to Boba Fett before even most of the press.) Almost all of them reflect the excellent modeling you expect from Infinity figures, and between the Jedi and the non-Force enabled characters there’s a nice variety of play styles to explore. (If you want to read more about 3.0, check out our review.) If you have a tight budget, though, or don’t want to clutter up your house with tiny little Star Wars toys, here are our picks for figures to prioritize.