Ranking Every Disney Infinity Play Set So Far

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Ranking Every <i>Disney Infinity</i> Play Set So Far

This is an exciting time for Disney Infinity fans. The Toy Box Summit just wrapped up in Anaheim yesterday, with some of the best toy box designers coming together to work in the upcoming Disney Infinity 3.0 toy box for the first time. D23, the Disney fan festival, starts today, also in Anaheim, and we should be getting a better look at the next Disney Infinity during a presentation on Sunday. And of course Disney Infinity 3.0 itself will be out in a couple of weeks, with the starter pack and various Star Wars figures hitting North American shelves on 8/30.

Before we blast into the future, though, let’s look back on the past of Disney Infinity. Dozens of figures and power discs have been released in the last two years, all of them playable in the game’s toy box mode. And a number of high quality toy box games and maps have been built by the community and released for all to enjoy online. But there have only been nine official play sets so far. These are professionally designed games that are based on various Disney movies, are packaged with new characters and usually take somewhere between three and five hours to play through. If you’re the type who doesn’t care about user-generated content, and who isn’t interested in building your own toy box worlds, these play sets are probably what you think of when you think of Disney Infinity. These nine play sets are all charming in their own way, and all make great use of the specific figures that are playable in them, but they aren’t all on the same level of quality. I’ve plumbed the depths of my own opinions to gin up this comprehensive ranking of all nine play sets, from the three that were packaged with the original starter pack back in 2013, to the Marvel sets released last year. And yes, I’ll periodically update these rankings when enough new play sets are released. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments below.