Ranking the Disney Originals in Disney Infinity 2.0

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Ranking the Disney Originals in <i>Disney Infinity 2.0</i>

Marvel super heroes might dominate Disney Infinity 2.0, but Disney’s classic characters aren’t completely squeezed out of the fun this time. The second wave of figures for the game featured eight familiar faces from various Disney movies, all wrapped up under the title of Disney Originals. It might be slim pickings compared to the Marvel onslaught, but it’s a nice complement to the almost thirty Disney characters released for the first game throughout 2013 and 2014. There are no playsets for any of the new Disney Originals, so you can only use them in the Toybox mode, but that’s the best part of Disney Infinity anyway, so no complaints from this guy. No, I’ll save my complaints for the figures themselves, as well as my praise. Just as I’ve ranked Nintendo’s Amiibos in a couple of pieces, I’m presenting to you today the definitive account of my own personal opinions on these collectible figures. And since Disney Infinity toys are way more interactive in-game, these rankings won’t just be based on aesthetics. What the toy lets me do in an Infinity Toybox is as important as how the toy looks.

Note: Jasmine isn’t being released until February. We’ll find room for her once she’s out.