The Elder Scrolls Online Announces Murkmire Celebration Event with Daily Loot Bonuses

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<i>The Elder Scrolls Online</i> Announces Murkmire Celebration Event with Daily Loot Bonuses

Developers of The Elder Scrolls Online are returning to the Murkmire DLC released in late October (early November for consoles) by throwing an in-game celebration for players. The Argonian swamplands will be filled with new enemies and rewards for players to fight and loot.

Players can earn a Murkmire strong box once a day, complete Murkmire quests and fight new bosses with doubled drops. Enemies have a chance to drop event tickets, of which players can earn three per day, for a max total of 39. Read the detailed list of items available at the Impresario here.

Heads up for players who don’t read in-game texts/dialogue and get frustrated when they’re stuck (it happens to all of us): Read the poster by the Lilmoth docks titled “Death-Hunts” and complete the quest “By River and Root” from the Murkmire main questline to activate the daily missions. You can’t access them without following these steps.

The in-game event requires the Murkmire DLC to access all the benefits, so if you haven’t bought it already, just wait until it goes on sale at the Crown Store when the event starts. The Murkmire Celebration kicks off next Thursday, Feb. 20 at 10 a.m. ET, and will run until Tuesday, March 3 at 10 a.m. ET.