Check Out Final Fantasy VII Remake's Theme Song in New Trailer

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Check Out <i>Final Fantasy VII Remake</i>'s Theme Song in New Trailer

Just a few weeks ago, Final Fantasy VII Remake’s producer Yoshinori Kitase published a letter delaying the game from its original launch date in March to April. Perhaps in response, Friday, the company chose to share a new trailer.

Notably, the trailer features a new theme song by the series’ classic composer Nobuo Uematsu, which features vocals from Tokyo post-hardcore band Survive Said The Prophet’s vocalist Yosh. The song’s name is “Hollow,” and it’s led with a tragic, salient harmonica.

The trailer, funnily enough, officially reveals a lot of things data-miners discovered last month in FFVIIR’s unreleased demo. It features first looks at several iconic characters and segments present in the original game, as well as some new original content.

It opens with a flashback scene of Tifa and Cloud, in which Cloud announces he will be moving from their hometown to Midgar to try and become a SOLDIER. It quickly then cuts to the party’s first encounter with Jenova, the ancient alien who is the catalyst for much of FFVIIR’s conflict. We get our first look at Shinra execs Reeve Tuesti, Palmer and Scarlet (we’re still wondering if they’re going to stick Scarlet’s slapping minigame segment in the remake), as well as Shinra’s resident mad scientist Hojo.



We then get a look at The Honeybee Inn, a controversial segment in the game in which Cloud prepares to crossdress to solve a problem (it is a game from the ‘90s, after all) and a pretty blatant depiction of sex work. The trailer features a seemingly new character here, a man who assists Cloud with his makeover while monologuing that “true beauty is an expression of heart, a thing without shame, to which notions of gender don’t apply.” Not going to lie, it’s kind of awesome, and a welcome reimagining of one of the game’s cultural artifacts. Of course, afterwards, we get a glimpse of Cloud in a dress (and Tifa and Aerith) and our first look at Don Corneo, an early minor villain.


Confirming another of the leaks, we get our first look at Red XIII, a sort of talking lion-dog creature ho joins the party. He’s most likely the last team member the group will add in FFVIIR’s first segment, given the first episode has been confirmed to be confined to the Midgar segment of the game. Yuffie, Cait Sith, Vincent and Cid don’t join until the group leave the cyberpunk city.


Final Fantasy VII Remake is due April 10. The original game has quite the legacy. Check out an old feature of ours on how it revolutionized game marketing, as well as a new one about the recent spate of delayed games.

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