Go on a Road Trip in New Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Video

Games Video Final Fantasy XV
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Just as director Hajime Tabata promised when he announced the game’s delay, Square Enix has released an extended look at the gameplay in Final Fantasy XV.

Coming in at nearly an hour, the video jumps around a bit, showing off cutscenes, menus, combat, giant birds with wings on their heads, big robots, moody boys in black coats and, of course, chocobos.

According to Tabata’s announcement, this footage is based on the “master version” of the game, which doesn’t include the patch that the game was delayed for. It’ll be interesting to compare this version to the version we’ll eventually get our hands on.

Either way, the pseudo-open world/road-trip stuff looks cool, and that snippet of Florence + the Machine’s cover of “Stand by Me” works great.

As far as makeup gifts go, an hour of straight game footage is pretty good, Square Enix.

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