Final Fantasy XV Has Been Delayed to Avoid “Substantial” Day-One Patch

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After a day of rumors and speculation, Square Enix has officially confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will be delayed to Nov. 29.

In a video released on the official Final Fantasy XV YouTube channel, the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, said that the “master version” of the game was ready, but that the team wanted to make the “highest quality version” of the game available to everyone, including those who didn’t have their consoles connected to the internet. Tabata said that instead of releasing the game and then delivering a downloadable patch to polish it after release, he’s opting to delay the game entirely and include the patch with the base game at release.

Considering the major issues games like Batman: Arkham Knight and No Man’s Sky have faced with rocky debuts and big, controversial day-one patches, it’s hard to fault Square Enix for the delay. We’ve been waiting nearly a decade now for this game, what’s two more months?

You can watch Tabata’s whole announcement below.

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