Final Fantasy XVI Teaser Site Showcases Setting, Characters and World of the New Game

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<I>Final Fantasy XVI</I> Teaser Site Showcases Setting, Characters and World of the New Game

Outside of a trailer and screenshots, little has been revealed about the latest Final Fantasy game. That changed on Thursday, as Square Enix has released a new teaser site for the latest Final Fantasy rpg, Final Fantasy XVI, which gives more details on the setting, characters and artwork of the new title.

Six kingdoms rule the lands in Final Fantasy XVI, each centering their power on enormous Mothercystrals. These Mothercrystals provide aether, which people use to conjure magicks and live in comfort. However, a blight has sprung up and threatened to destroy the the peace and leisure that the Mothercrystals have created for the kingdoms.

This time around the story revolves around Clive Rosfield, who is dedicated to mastering the blade and tasked with guarding his younger brother, Joshua. Joshua is a Dominant, able to call upon powerful and deadly creatures called Eikons. Jill Warick, an outsider that has been accepted into the Rosfield family, is also set to play a role. A series of events is said to unfold that leads Clive to seek out revenge against the world.

You can get a better idea of just how massive those Mothercystals are, and a better look at the characters of Final Fantasy XVI in the new key art below.