Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Coming to PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, Xbox One

"Yeah, whatever." - Squall Leonhart

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<i>Final Fantasy VIII Remastered</i> Coming to PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, Xbox One

Unbelievably, a Final Fantasy VIII remaster was announced for current consoles and PC during Square Enix’s E3 press conference Monday night. It will find a new home on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC with remastered visuals, arriving sometime in 2019.

Whether it was because Final Fantasy VIII’s original game-code was lost or musical rights were in the way (there were many rumblings in regard to why Square Enix had yet to do anything with Final Fantasy VIII), the reasons for Final Fantasy VIII’s lack of remasters and rereleases are now moot. It exists and it will be here soon. Squall Leonhart and his immensely dumb gunblade live on!

Final Fantasy VIII has always been the relative black sheep of the PlayStation 1 Final Fantasy titles. Following up Final Fantasy VII was always going to be a tall task, but doing so with a videogame that defied expectations, challenged players thematically and told a story that was the complete opposite of a clean-cut narrative was a bold move. For many players, this boldness paid off and Final Fantasy VIII has some of the most tenacious fans of any of the Final Fantasy titles. Here’s to hoping that Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is released sooner rather than later.

Check out the announcement trailer for the remaster of Final Fantasy VIII below.