Devolver Digital Releases Adorable Gato Roboto Announcement Trailer

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Devolver Digital Releases Adorable <i>Gato Roboto</i> Announcement Trailer

Devolver Digital has released an announcement trailer for Gato Roboto, a “CatMechtroidvania” game developed by doinksoft, coming to Nintendo Switch and PC next year.

You can watch the trailer below, which shows this adorable concept in action as you seem to control a cat who can get into a mech that will help you defeat enemies and navigate levels. It seems like a clever and potentially endearing game to watch out for—even the title is witty, as “Gato” is the Spanish word for cat, and it seems like they added “Roboto” to go along with the Spanish word for a catchy title. It’s a robot cat. A cat in a robot. A robot controlled by a cat. You can’t go wrong here.

Devolver Digital has confirmed that cat lovers at PAX West can play Gato Roboto over the weekend, and cat lovers elsewhere can look forward to playing it in 2019.