Check Out the Reveal Trailer for Annapurna Interactive’s Gorgeous Puzzler Gorogoa

Games Video Gorogoa
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Annapurna Interactive released the first trailer for their surreal indie puzzler Gorogoa today.

The game, made by Berkeley, Calif., artist and developer Jason Roberts, centers around the player manipulating illustrated panels on a grid to solve puzzles and advance the narrative. When images are aligned or stacked correctly, they combine and become navigable as if they were three-dimensional space.

The long-in-development title is currently being demoed at PAX South at Annapurna Interactive’s booth, and it’s expected to release during Q2 of this year. Mostly known for being a relatively young film production company, Annapurna Pictures only recently broke into the game publishing world as Annapurna Interactive. Their other indie title, What Remains of Edith Finch, is also scheduled for release this spring. On the film front, they’re responsible for putting out movies like Zero Dark Thirty, Sausage Party and last month’s 20th Century Women.

To give you an idea of how long this game has been in development, Paste actually wrote about it back in 2012. To get a better idea of how the innovative mechanics of Gorogoa work, check out the tranquil reveal trailer above.