Beautiful New Guilty Gear Game Teased at Evo 2019

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Beautiful New <i>Guilty Gear</i> Game Teased at Evo 2019

Buzzy announcements are common at this week’s Super Bowl of fighting game tournaments, Evo. This year alone, the folks behind major fighting game franchises like Street Fighter, Tekken and Soulcalibur shared plenty of hype-inspiring downloadable content.

But the buzziest news didn’t come from one of the big names: Developer Arc System Works announced a new installment in their beloved cult fighting game series Guilty Gear with a mysterious teaser.

The video stars series mainstays Ky Kiske and Sol Badguy brawling it out in a barren mountainous area. The footage doesn’t appear to be gameplay, but it does hint at a new gameplay feature: stage transitions. The graphical style is cell-shaded and, in series tradition, anime-inspired, with the fan-beloved flashy combat even flashier than usual thanks to beautiful cutscenes interspersed between attacks. The end of the teaser shows off a cool new character, currently unnamed, who is a black samurai wearing an odd robotic mask.

The teaser gives a vague release date of 2020 for the new Guilty Gear game, and neglects to announce a title for it.

Watch the trailer for Guilty Gear below.