Three Seasons of Hitman Planned

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Hitman (2016), which is in the middle of its first season, has two more planned after this, developers IO Interactive said on Twitter. However, they stipulated that this isn’t an official announcement of another season—rather, that is what they are planning, likely at the discretion of their publisher, Square Enix.

Hitman surprised by eschewing the standard Hitman formula and releasing episodically. While this decision was met with apprehension, many of the Hitman episodes have been met with praise. Each episode has offered a large sandbox area to explore and tinker with as you try and find new ways to assassinate the targets. Paste’s own Suriel Vasquez enjoyed the first episode, writing in his review, “Hitman’s greatest strength has always been the way it builds these intricate locales and turns them into an avenue for stories that feel both bespoke and improvised.”

Hitman’s fourth episode is releasing next week on Aug. 16, and takes place in Bangkok. There are seven total episodes planned for this season. You can check out the Bangkok trailer below, which is an admittedly pretty weird music video.