Playdead and RealDoll are Partnering On a Mysterious $375 Inside Special Edition

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Playdead and RealDoll are Partnering On a Mysterious $375 <i>Inside</i> Special Edition

2017’s Inside was heralded as a technical masterpiece, shrouded in a dark and oddly grotesque package. Now, developer Playdead is partnering with RealDoll, the well-known purveyor of lifelike sex dolls, and Iam8bit, makers of neat gaming knick-knacks and soundtrack vinyl, to produce a special edition of the game that is on par with its understated storytelling and mysterious setting.

The $375 package will include a PlayStation 4 copy of the game, along with what is classified as “Other Stuff” that will not be revealed until it ships. Try as one might, the partners aren’t divulging any information about its contents, “no matter how hard you try.” Even trying to discern any hints from the item’s description feels like an exercise in futility: “We will NOT tell you what it is. Maybe it’s what you’re thinking … maybe not.”

Those wanting to find out what’s in the box will have to preorder one sight unseen before June 8 and then wait until it ships, which Iam8bit’s site says will be “when it’s done.” Once preorders close, that’s it: No additional units will be produced once preorders close on June 8.

Speculation abounds about what the package will include. An image on the Iam8bit listing for the special edition features a gift-wrapped box with the image of the (spoilers) amorphous blob of humanity players control near the end of the game. That image has given way to the most popular theory: that maybe some form of that mass of arms and other regions, crafted under the watchful eyes of RealDoll’s fake skin synthesizers, could be the big mystery. The only true hint given is that “this edition weighs a surprising amount, hence associated fees and tariffs.”

Could it just be a huge hunk of steel and aluminum being smuggled underneath President Trump’s new tariffs, alongside a copy of an imaginative platformer? Or just a jiggly pile of the softest synthetic skin money can buy? The only way to find out is the shell out the $375 asking price when preorders open tomorrow, Thursday, March 8.