Knockout City Season 2 Offers a Collection of New Events and Items

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<i>Knockout City</i> Season 2 Offers a Collection of New Events and Items

Knockout City Season 2 went live yesterday and features a collection of new game additions and events. This season launches over a month after the game was initially released on May 21.

Season 2 includes a brand new map, a new type of special ball, five new playlists and the addition of a Daily Login Bonus that rewards players for each day they play. There will also be three new events and a selection of new contracts to play through. Check out the 2021 Knockout City roadmap that details all new features for the new season.


Each season of Knockout City will last nine weeks, with Season 3 set for this fall and Season 4 in the winter. The seasons come at no extra cost after purchasing the game and feature new content that will continue to build upon the Knockout City experience. The limited-time event Heatwave is also currently taking place, but players only have a few days left to cash in saved tickets before all items are removed when the event ends on July 5.

Season 2 is live now, so if you’ve been enjoying Knockout City so far, now is a perfect opportunity to jump back into the game with a fresh new set of items and events to experience.