This Inhumans-Starring Trailer For LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Looks Better Than Inhumans Itself

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Fans of the beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe are bracing for impact with the forthcoming premiere of Inhumans, a collaborative effort between Marvel Television, ABC and IMAX. It is not very good. Somehow, the show let this new trailer for LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 surpass it in several ways.

While using the quirky, off-brand humor that the LEGO games are known for, the colors and designs look more akin to the Jack Kirby artwork from the comics, than the bland and uninspired sets and cinematography from the ABC show. Black Bolt, Medusa and family all sport more comic-accurate costumes, whereas their TV counterparts look more like cosplayers, and Attilan extras in the show look like they walked out of a clearance section at your local shopping mall.

Some of the trailer’s gags include Medusa drying her absurdly long and weaponized hair, and of course, a moment with adorable teleporting dog Lockjaw. The family-friendly game will hit all current consoles on Nov. 14, while the viewer-unfriendly show will premiere on ABC Friday Sept. 26.