30 Games that Need to Be on the Next NES Classic Edition

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30 Games that Need to Be on the Next NES Classic Edition

In case you were wondering, the NES Classic Edition really does exist. Nintendo’s emulation box was officially released last Friday, and sold out nationwide almost immediately. Never underestimate the power of nostalgia—plugging Nintendo’s greatest hits from the 1980s directly into the television appeals not just to diehard videogame fans but anybody who played the NES as a child and is looking for an escape from the turmoil of today.

The Classic’s line-up of 30 games features some of the biggest names in the history of the medium. It’s got your Super Marios, your Legends of Zelda, Metroid and two Castlevanias. As an overview of what the Nintendo Entertainment System had to offer, it does a solid job. There are still a number of legitimate NES classics that didn’t make the cut, though—enough for a whole NES Classic Edition 2.

Now, don’t expect a sequel. Although there are tons of great NES games not on the NES Classic, almost all of the major Nintendo releases are on there. If Nintendo did make a follow-up, it’d either have to repeat games from the first one, include some legitimate stinkers, or rely almost entirely on third party games. Some of these games have tangled rights issues that would greatly complicate Nintendo striking a deal, even for games that Nintendo published back in the day, like Tetris or R.C. Pro-Am. And there are technical concerns to factor in: Light Zapper games are unplayable on modern televisions, so don’t expect to ever see Duck Hunt or Hogan’s Alley show up on a Classic-style system.

We’re not lawyers, though, or technical engineers. We’re working entirely in the world of fantasy, here, in an idealized dream society where legal and hardware concerns would never impede our ability to play that game we loved when we were eight again. Here, in alphabetical order, are our picks for the 30 games we’d like to see if Nintendo ever releases a sequel to the NES Classic Edition, or if they somehow release an expansion for the one that really does exist.