Netflix Is Reportedly Looking into Branching Out into Videogames

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Netflix Is Reportedly Looking into Branching Out into Videogames

Netflix is reportedly looking to hire an executive in the game industry, a sign that the company will possibly be expanding their content outside of film and television.

According to an article from The Information, Netflix has spoken to multiple veteran executives in the industry on joining the company. One possibility the company has discussed is a subscription-based games bundle.

With the success of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, allowing users to stream over 100 PC and console games, among other subscription services, it is no wonder that Netflix is looking to join in. The bundle of games Netflix is looking to release would be “similar to Apple’s online subscription offering, Apple Arcade,” The Information reports.

Netflix has previously dabbled in the industry, after licensing Stranger Things: The Game. They have also explored more interactive forms of media on their platform, with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, a unique viewing experience that allows you to make decisions throughout the film.

It isn’t confirmed that Netflix will officially expand into the gaming industry; if they do, they’ll be following other tech heavyweights like Google, whose Stadia service has struggled since launching in 2019. Despite the failure of Stadia, it’s no wonder that Netflix is looking to branch out; streaming is obviously the future of media, including games, and nobody has popularized streaming more in American than Netflix.