Nintendo's PAX West Indie Showcase Includes Super Meat Boy, No More Heroes Follow-Ups

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Nintendo's PAX West Indie Showcase Includes <i>Super Meat Boy</i>, <i>No More Heroes</i> Follow-Ups

Nintendo is making sure that both gamers and independent developers are aware of the indie titles on their way to the Switch. In another “Nindies Showcase,” live streaming just in time for the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Nintendo announced and described both new indie games and ports of popular titles for their handheld-console hybrid.

Super Meat Boy Forever headlined the stream, a follow-up to the original indie hit Super Meat Boy. The difficult platformer looks to keep the game fresh… forever by changing levels each time you play them.

Other highlights include a port of bridge builder Poly Bridge, SteamWorld Dig 2 and a successor to Wii title No More Heroes titled Travis Strikes Again.

There are way too many games to talk about here, so see the full list of announced titles below, and check out the trailers for each game in the embedded video above.

Super Meat Boy Forever—2018
Shovel Knight: King of Cards—Early 2018
Mom Hid My Game—Late 2017
Golf Story—September 2017
Floor Kids—Holiday 2017
Wulverblade September 2017
Poly Bridge—Holiday 2017
Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition—Early 2018
Earth Atlantis—Fall 2017
Next Up Hero—Early 2018
SteamWorld Dig 2—Sept. 21
Yono and the Celestial Elephants—Oct. 18
Dragon: Marked For Death—Winter 2017
Battle Chef Brigade—Holiday 2017
Morphies Law—Winter 2017
Sausage Sports Club—Fall 2017
Light Fingers—Early 2018
Nine Parchments—Holiday 2017
Travis Strikes Again—2018