Release Dates for Arms, Splatoon 2, New Pikmin, Much More Announced in Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct

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Nintendo packed a whole lot of games and announcements into yesterday’s Direct livestream, and we’ve got the biggest highlights here for you, as well as the entirety of the archived stream embedded up top, in case you’ve got 35 minutes to spare.

Top-billed was motion-controlled fighting game Arms, which now officially has a release date of June 16 for the Nintendo Switch. A new trailer (which you can check out below) gave us some glimpses at new stages, showed off the Chilla and Tribolt weapons, and introduced us to new character Minmin.

Sharing the spotlight was Splatoon 2, which finally got its own release date of July 21, also exclusively for the Switch. A new horde-like PvE mode, Salmon Run, was introduced, in which Inklings are tasked with collecting “Power Eggs” belonging to creepy and strangely bipedal fish enemies. It was also announced that Splatoon 2 is getting three amiibo in the forms of a pinkish Inkling girl, a green Inkling boy and a purple Inkling squid. Go ahead and check out the game’s new trailer below.

Nintendo also decided to focus on its forthcoming 3DS slate, confirming their previous assertion that the six-year-old handheld isn’t quite dead yet. After its untitled debut last September, sidescroller Hey! Pikmin is now set to release on July 28. In this first-ever 2D Pikmin title, players will use the touchscreen to control Captain Olimar’s Pikmin, sending them to take care of obstacles and fight enemies, as they are known to do. RPG Ever Oasis was also given a June 23 release date for the handheld, along with Bye-Bye Boxboy, which was released immediately after the brief conference. You can check out the launch trailer for Bye-Bye BoxBoy below.

For a more complete look at the myriad other release dates, amiibo reveals and micro-announcements, go ahead and check out the full video of the latest Nintendo Direct at the top of the page.