Watch: Modder Recreates No Man's Sky in Doom II

Games Video No Man's Sky
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No Man’s Sky has faced quite the backlash since its release last month, so maybe it’s appropriate that this incredible recreation of it inside of Doom II was done by somebody who hasn’t even played the game yet.

Basing his mod on the game’s trailer, Robert Prest has recreated No Man’s Sky to an equally astonishing and goofy level. Called No Guy’s Sky, Prest’s mod isn’t just a reskin of Doom—it’s a functioning version of No Man’s Sky. You have a ship that can jump to randomly generated planets populated with randomly generated creatures that you can speak to. You use a laser to mine resources, there are space stations where you can spend those resources, and the center of the universe is a debug area where you can generate your own worlds and creatures with the click of a button.

The mod is reminscent of the homemade remakes in something like Be Kind, Rewind, with its faithful recreation done with charming low-budget constraints.

You can watch Prest play No Guy’s Sky above.