New Overwatch Short Focuses on Robot Pal Bastion's Backstory

Games Video Overwatch
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Overwatch’s latest animated short is out now and it stars Bastion, the saddest robot this side of Wall-E. In true Pixar fashion, the short starts out with a beautiful, fun charm before taking a dark turn. Honestly, how long before Blizzard starts making feature length movies a la Final Fantasy?

It looks like you can even catch a glimpse of Eichenwalde, the recently announced new Overwatch map, as Bastion makes his trek through the forest, which makes sense since “Eichenwalde” can be translated as “oak forest.”

Overwatch Bastion Short Eichenwalde.png

In other fun Overwatch news, a new update now automatically changes the patronizing chat meme “gg ez,” (as in “Good for you for winning, it was easy,”) into niceties like, “It was an honor to play with you all. Thank you,” or embarrassing statements like, “It’s past my bedtime. Please don’t tell my mommy.” Right now it seems to only be available in test regions but that’s something every game needs.

Watch “The Last Bastion” above.