Overwatch's Latest Patch Fixes Competitive Play's Leaving Problem

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Overwatch received a patch on PC last night aimed at fixing a frequent issue in the newly launched Competitive Play. Before the patch, when a player left a competitive match for any length of time, even if they rejoined immediately, the match would be counted as a loss and any XP earned from the match would be reduced by 75 percent. This was rankling the community, throwing off player rankings and win/loss records. Now, thanks to this patch, if a player leaves and rejoins a competitive match, they will not be charged with a loss and their XP will not be penalized. However, if a player leaves a single competitive match more than three times, or leaves and doesn’t rejoin, they will still be penalized with a loss.

Otherwise, the patch fixes a few minor bugs and decreases the length of Sudden Death slightly, depending on the map. This patch is sadly not available for consoles and no release date was given. Blizzard’s Battle.net system allows them to quickly roll out updates on PC, but patches on console take longer to come out due to the increased oversight. Notably absent from this patch are any more hints about the next Overwatch hero, who was teased yesterday. You can read the full patch notes here.