New Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer Shows Off Version-Exclusive Pokémon, Fabulous Eevee Squad

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Every time a new Pokémon game comes out, players are faced with a difficult decision: which version do you buy?

The two games are always slightly different, with the biggest tweak usually being the few Pokémon that are exclusive to each version. Thanks to the latest trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon, we can start deciding which side we’re on now.

The trailer revealed two new Pokémon: Passimian, a fighting-type monkey, and Oranguru, a psychic ape, exclusive to Sun and Moon respectively. It also revealed that Rockruff, the adorable, little rock puppy, will evolve into two different versions of Lycanroc depending on which version you have. In Sun, he’ll become a rock wolf, which feels like a natural progression, and in Moon, he’ll become a creature so hideous it must have been purposely designed to give children nightmares.

The trailer also showed off the amount of customization available for the player character and Pokémon Refresh, which just looks like an upgraded version of Pokémon-Amie, where you can feed, heal and bathe your Pokemon.

And finally, we got a look at Pikachu and Eevee’s Z-Moves, with Pikachu becoming a terrifying meteor and Eevee summoning the greatest squad ever assembled.

Pokémon Sun and Moon release on Nov. 18. Watch the new trailer above.