Pokemon Go Halloween Event Will Add Some Gen. 3 Pokemon

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<i>Pokemon Go</i> Halloween Event Will Add Some Gen. 3 Pokemon

The developers of Pokemon Go confirmed today in a blog post that Gen. 3 Pokemon are arriving, the first of those through a Halloween event. Be sure to put on your surprised “I didn’t know this was leaked!” face. Ghost-types such as Sableye, Banette, Dusclops and Shuppet will be included in the event.

The rest of the Ruby and Sapphire-era Pokemon will “gradually arrive,” starting this December. During the Halloween event, players will be able to encounter an adorable Pikachu wearing a witch hat. Your avatar will be able to wear Mimikyu’s Disguise Hat, a curious addition as Mimikyu is a recent (but fairly popular) Gen. 7 Ghost Pokemon. The event will also allow players to earn twice as much candy with their Buddy Pokemon, from the usual activities of catching, hatching and transferring Pokemon. Finally, players can obtain “special boxes” in the in-game shop containing Raid Passes and Super Incubators.

The event will begin on Oct. 20, and last until Nov. 2. Check out a brief teaser for the event below.