Pokemon GO Water Festival Event Kicks Off Today

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<i>Pokemon GO</i> Water Festival Event Kicks Off Today

Niantic and the Pokemon Company announced today the beginning of a global Water Festival event that lasts until March 29.

Starting today and spanning exactly a week, players will be more likely to run into classic water-type Pokemon like Squirtle, Magikarp and Totodile, as well as any other water-type monsters originally found in the Johto region. Still, players will have to search for these virtual friends in the same places where water-types typically appear. To commemorate the week-long event, trainers will also be gifted with a new Magikarp hat for their avatars to wear.

The festival officially kicks off at 4 p.m. EST today, so if you start charging your phone now, you might get to fit in an entire hour of play. Last month, Niantic added more than 80 Johto Pokemon and new evolutions to the game, which you can read about here. For more info on the coming week’s digital festivities, you can learn more from the official announcement on the game’s site here.