Pokémon Crystal Is Coming to Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

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<i>Pokémon Crystal</i> Is Coming to Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

If you have yet to experience the second generation of Pokémon games, Pokémon Crystal might be your best way to do so. After re-releases of Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, the enhanced third version is following, as well.

The cover Legendary Pokémon is Suicune, one of the three Johto Legendary Dogs, who Pokémon Go players may have encountered somewhat recently. Crystal added story subplots with Suicune and the mysterious letter-shaped Unown Pokémon. Additionally, some map locations received minor changes, and aesthetic changes, such as animations for Pokémon sprites, were also implemented. Most significantly, Crystal was the first Pokémon game that allowed players to play as a female character.

Pokémon Crystal will be available for download for the Nintendo 3DS starting Jan. 26, 2018. Users of the Pokémon Bank service will be able to transfer their Crystal Pokémon to Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Check out a trailer below.