Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, Gold and Silver Launch on 3DS this Fall

But what about Pokemon Stars?

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<i>Pokemon Ultra Sun</i> and <i>Moon</i>, <i> Gold</i> and <i>Silver</i> Launch on 3DS this Fall

Announced in a Direct broadcast this morning, Pokemon fans will have something else to look forward to on 3DS this fall: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, and Gold and Silver on the Virtual Console service.

From what the teaser shows, there won’t be one but two sister titles to Pokemon Sun and Moon. The two new core Pokemon titles will be coming a little over a year after their original’s release on Nov. 17. Not many details have been released on what makes these two different from their first iterations, other than it’s an alternate version of Alola with new wild and legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Gold and Silver will make a comeback the same day Pokken Tournament Deluxe releases on Nintendo Switch, Sept. 22. It will be part of Nintendo’s Virtual Console service, and compatible with the Pokemon Bank for all your transferring and trading needs.

Make sure to check out the two trailers from the reveal below, and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.