Classic Pokemon Villains, Legendaries Return in This Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer

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Original Pokemon villain Giovanni will return in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon—and he’s bringing the entire rogues gallery of the series back with him. The leaders of Teams Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Galactic, Plasma and Flare have all joined forces as Team Rainbow Rocket; what they are doing in Alola (and how this is possible given all of their ideological differences) is unknown, but cool regardless for longtime fans.

The trailer (seen above) also shows off the new Battle Agency, which will allow players to rent three Pokemon for Single Battles. The more players interact with others through multiplayer, the more powerful the available Pokemon for rent will be. Rare items like Gold Bottle Caps can also be earned in the Battle Agency. But most importantly, you’ll get to wear some cool shades.

Scattered throughout the Alola region are “Totem Stickers,” which give players the ability to have their Pokemon reach the same size as the Totem bosses (previously seen in Sun and Moon) the more stickers they collect. Additionally, the returning Island Scan feature will give players the opportunity to find new Pokemon.

And speaking of finding Pokemon, going through the heavily advertised Ultra Wormhole can lead to encounters with essentially every Legendary Pokemon in the series—think Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Lugia and so many more. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will release on Nov. 17, and will be the last mainline Pokemon games on the Nintendo 3DS before a new Nintendo Switch title.