Necrozma Unleashes Some Sick Z-Moves in New Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer

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The media blitz for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is ramping up, with yet another new trailer featuring some new and unique elements of this updated game. This trailer (seen above) shifts the focus to the two cover mascots, Lunala and Solgaleo. After taking control of the mind and body of either Pokemon, what results are the dangerous Dawn Wings Necrozma and Dusk Mane Necrozma.

Both monster forms bring their own powerful new abilities to the table, both being able to use the Psychic-type move “Photon Geyser,” and their own unique Z-Moves. Dusk Mane Necrozma (with the power of Solgaleo) can unleash a “Searing Sunraze Smash,” while Dawn Wings Necrozma has access to “Moonraze Maelstrom.” In typical Z-Move fashion, both battle animations are visually crazy and bombastic.

Our adorable friend the Rotom Dex also gets some additions, and as your trainer grows a bond with Rotom Dex, new features like a “Roto Loto,” which gives out special items, are unlocked. Probably the most useful skill to unlock with your Dex is its Z-Power, which will allow trainers to use a second Z-Move in battle, as opposed to just the one. We wish we could love our smartphones that much for some cool new tricks, too.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is coming to Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 17.