Ranking Every Fire Emblem Game...

That's Come Out in America

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Ranking Every <i>Fire Emblem</i> Game...

Fire Emblem may not be as pervasive as some of Nintendo’s other franchises or mascots, but it’s managed to make quite the name for itself in the twelve or so years it’s been here in the US. Little did we know that beyond that boyish Marth character who made everyone ask “who’s that guy?” when looking at the Super Smash Bros. Melee roster lay one of the deepest and most rewarding series Nintendo has ever made. Its battles are tough, its characters as diverse as they are mortal, and on the Game Boy Advance, you could mistake those little sprites and their animations for actual cartoons.

With the latest two Fire Emblem games coming out tomorrow, we felt compelled to look back on the series and rank our favorites that have made it to America. Surprisingly there are still almost a half-dozen Fire Emblem games that haven’t come to America in any form, be it a remake or a localization on the Virtual Console; hopefully someday American fans will be able to easily play them all.