Ranking Every Mario RPG

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Ranking Every Mario RPG

Mario games have always quietly subverted expectations. What has become common knowledge—mushrooms make you big, flowers give you fire, pipes lead underground—was once a sequence of surprises delighting players who thought they knew the territory.

The same could be said with Mario’s dip into role-playing. What was once a dalliance, starting in 1996 with Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars on the SNES, has become a biannual trend, with ten games released in twenty years, split between the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi spinoff series.

Though role-playing games were once dominated by fantastical dragons and beefy warriors, Mario’s take on the genre has remained steadfast in its priorities: Goofy characters, witty dialogue, and a surprisingly deep battle system. But which RPG is the grandest in the Mushroom Kingdom? And which should be sent to the Pit of 100 Trials, ne’er to return?

Please note: This is an objective list, arrived at by exhaustive considerations. The formula by which we came up with the results is… around here somewhere. In the meantime, behold: The one true ranking of all ten Mario RPGs.

Since 2003, Jon Irwin has been paid to write about film, techno, ice cream, wine, golf, drag-racing, French children and videogames. His first book, Super Mario Bros. 2, was published last year by Boss Fight Books. Follow along: @WinWinIrwin.