Ranking the 15 Best Reiner Knizia Games of All Time

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Ranking the 15 Best Reiner Knizia Games of All Time

Reiner Knizia is, without a doubt, the most prolific boardgame designer of modern times, having designed over 500 published games in the past fifteen years. Although he hasn’t had a big hit in quite some time, his output has significantly influenced the direction of the modern boardgame movement.

Long before Settlers of Catan came to America, Dr. Knizia’s designs were taking hold of the European boardgame world and bringing important mechanisms like tile-laying, bidding and auctioning into modern boardgame design apart from any particularly thematic elements.

His games span a wide variety of genres and degrees of complexity, but one of the most distinctive stylistic elements of his designs are a focus on streamlined mechanisms. Knizia’s games often revolve around just a few simple actions that players can take, but play out in ways that allow for many different strategies. So to celebrate fifteen years of monumental boardgame designing, here’s a ranking of the fifteen best Reiner Knizia games of all time.