Watch the Gorgeous and Violent New Trailer for Red Dead Redemption II

Games Video Red Dead Redemption 2
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As promised by Rockstar Games, we finally got a new look at Red Dead Redemption II (now adorned with a Roman numeral, it seems). Compared to the first trailer for the game, it looks like we get a bump from one minute to one and a half minute—still, what we see is quite impressive.

From the looks of it, players fill the shoes of outlaw Arthur Morgan, having lost his father with only himself and his mother to look out for. Morgan appears to be coerced into working with the Van der Linde gang, and Red Dead Redemption fans will likely notice that this is an earlier version of the gang led by antagonist Dutch van der Linde in the first game. In the trailer, we see the gang pull off dangerous feats like a train heist—the visuals of the train sequence in particular seems reminiscent of Western films like The Assassination of Jesse James.

As expected from a Rockstar open-world game, the visuals overall are stunning, from wide nature shots to close-ups of the detailed characters’ faces. Danger comes from all fronts for the player, from wildlife to law enforcement, and perhaps the gang members themselves. And not a Marston in sight, at least for now.

No specific release date was provided in the trailer, other than the already-announced Spring 2018 window. The trailer is embedded above for your viewing pleasure.