Dead by Daylight Announces a Resident Evil Collaboration, Sans Dimitrescu

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<i>Dead by Daylight</i> Announces a <i>Resident Evil</i> Collaboration, Sans Dimitrescu

It’s official: Resident Evil is coming to Dead by Daylight. And before you ask, the big lady is not included.

Behaviour Interactive is celebrating Dead by Daylight’s fifth anniversary today with a trailer announcement of this collaboration, along with the fact that the game has now reached 36 million players across all platforms. The crossover is set to release on June 15.

The Resident Evil addition will feature the Nemesis as the killer and Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine as the survivors, as well as a map of the well known Raccoon City police station from Resident Evil 2. One of the most exciting aspects of this collaboration is a new feature giving Nemesis AI zombie companions, a detail that has not yet been seen within the Dead by Daylight franchise.

The collaboration takes from past Resident Evil games, with Nemesis and this specific version of Jill Valentine coming from Resident Evil 3 and Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 2. While many were expecting to see Lady Dimitrescu appear during the trailer, the inclusion of Nemesis is fitting for the Dead by Daylight gameplay, as he is a monster known for consistently trailing players in an attempt to kill them.

Watch the trailer for the Dead by Daylight x Resident Evil collaboration below.

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