Here's the First Gameplay Footage from Sonic Forces

Games Video Sonic Forces
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At last night’s “Gotta Go Fast” panel at SXSW, Sonic Team officially unveiled the true name of “Project Sonic 2017” to be Sonic Forces, just before showing off a first bit of gameplay.

Much like 2011’s Sonic Generations, the game will see the modern incarnation of Sonic running and collecting rings alongside his shorter, slightly-less-blue past self. This time around, however, the developers say a third of the game will star another, as-yet-unrevealed main character. In the new video, we get a look at modern Sonic running through a city being destroyed by giant Dr. Eggman-like robots, collecting rings and dash-melee-ing all enemies in sight, as per usual. While journalists attending the Austin festival were able to see a longer demo set in this level, this slice of footage will have to do for the rest of us for the time being.

For another brief look at the game, you can check out last year’s trailer for the then-titled “Project Sonic 2017” below. Sonic Forces will be out for Xbox One, PS4, PC and the Switch this holiday season.